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WE3 has been in the industry for the last 15 years, and our projects comprise of commercial and residential products. We have delivered dozens of projects, and all of them were up to the level of fulfilment. Our customers’ feedback has boosted our motivation level to achieve excellence and perfection in our duties to create more success stories and provide a healthy and luxurious lifestyle to people striving to fulfil their desire for quality.

We are devoted to bringing luxury and comfort accessible to everyone having the courage to grab it.

VOne is a mega residential project by V4 International. VOne stands unique for its the highest tower and the first every gated community of Bahria town, offering an ultra-luxurious lifestyle with features like never before.

A new project by V4 International is coming in Phase VII, Bahria Town, adjacent to Hardee’s. The regal building is encapsulated by popular brands to ensure ease of access.

V8 offers a chance to experience luxury  at its best High-Tech Mall, Luminous Corridors, Wide SMD video walls on façade, Pixelated Lighting Which Animates the façade at night, Earthquake Resilient structure , Firefighting System , 24/7 CCTV Surveillance & Security Guards, High Speed Elevators & Escalators, Ample Parking & Valet Services.

V9 presents penthouses that differentiates themselves by luxurious amenities such as high end appliances materials fitting luxurious flooring system .These features not found in the majority of apartments.

Dreams come true at the gates of Intellectual Village Bahria Town, Rawalpindi. Bahria Town Phase 7 is a Prime Location where You can grow yourself and secure your Future.

The Signature Mall & Residency Islamabad is a new and upcoming project of Tycoon Estate and Builders. This shopping mall and residency option is designed on modern concepts. Mall is ideally located in Bahria Enclave Islamabad and features retail shops and luxury apartments. 

Tycoon boulevard Opposite McDonald’s located in Theme Park Avenue Spring North Bahria Town Phase 7 is a Heart Location for businessmen and investors. Located in the Neighborhood of KFC, Mc Donald, Pizza Hut, Green Valley, Burger King, and more.

Systemic Risk Mitigation In DeFi

Introduction Speculation and risk-taking are essential features of all monetary economies and both are closely tied to the financial sector. History has shown that without appropriate rules, safeguards, and behavioral norms, financial markets become more prone to fraud, pro-cyclical excess, and crises. Occasionally, these crises take systemic proportions, threatening the stability of the economic system …

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Replicating Market Makers

Replicating Market Makers

We present a method for constructing Constant Function Market Makers (CFMMs) whose portfolio value functions matches a desired payoff. More specifically, we show that the space of concave, nonnegative, nondecreasing, 1-homogeneous payoff functions and the space of convex CFMMs are equivalent; in other words, every CFMM has a concave, nonnegative, nondecreasing, 1-homogeneous payoff function, and …

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